About Sales

Start an Online Business Locally in Your City through Edjook.in

Edjook.in is a leading local online marketplace in India that empowers sellers to start and grow their online businesses without the burden of sales commissions or setup charges.

With Edjook.in, you can sell your products both online and offline, leveraging our innovative business concepts. Enjoy peace of mind with a 99% reduction in business losses, as you no longer need to invest heavily in expensive store rentals in prime business areas or on interior design. Instead, sell from the convenience of your own stock location.

By joining Edjook.in, you'll significantly decrease your business expenses, including store rental fees. Our platform allows sellers to promote and showcase their products online, leading to quick sales and increased visibility.

Why Choose Edjook.in?

Quality Assurance: We stand behind the standard quality of products offered by local sellers on our platform.

Trust and Reliability: Edjook.in supports buyers in purchasing trusted and quality products, fostering a trustworthy relationship between consumers and sellers for smart shopping experiences.

Simplified Shopping: Sellers can benefit from Edjook.in's comprehensive platform, which provides tools to manage inventory, market products effectively, and streamline the selling process.

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For more details, email us at sales@edjook.in or contact us at +91 9550128179.